From 2014 onwards, HKQAA has been appointed by Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited (Hang Seng Indexes) to provide sustainability rating and research services for the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series.  This year marks the 9th annual assessment cycle.  In response to addressing the high risks and emerging ESG issues, such as circular economy, building social capital and innovation culture, and after consultations with key stakeholders and a comprehensive review of the assessment methodology and process, HKQAA has revised the HKQAA SRR in 2023.

2014年起,香港品质保证局受恒生指数有限公司(简称“恒生指数”)委托,为恒生可持续发展企业指数系列进行可持续发展评级与研究工作。今年已经是本局执行评级工作的第 9 个年度。为了应对高风险和新兴的ESG问题,如循环经济、社会资本建设和创新文化建设,在咨询关键持份者和全面检讨现行评估方法和过程后,香港品质保证局在2023年对有关评级工作进行更新。

The key updates in 2023 include a revision to the assessment methodology and process, incorporating certain new practices, as well as modifications to the scoring calculation.  Firstly, the assessment approach is reorganized into a structure of three core aspects of Environmental, Social, and Governance. The Social aspect includes five subjects of Human Rights, Labour Practices, Fair Operating Practices, Consumer Issues, and Community Involvement and Development.  Certain new practices are incorporated into the questionnaire to align with current focus areas and global initiatives.  The questionnaire format has been revised to be more transparent and clearer, and guidance on the information required to obtain a particular score (from 1 to 5) is provided.  Companies are encouraged to provide relevant performance information by completing the questionnaire and submitting supporting evidence.


In addition, the weighing factors of materiality of the previous seven core subjects are adjusted in this version.  Equal materiality weight among Environmental, Social, and Governance aspects is used as the base before applying industry-specific materiality factors to determine the final materiality of each Aspect Subject.  The Environmental, Social, and Governance Aspect Scores will be derived from the questionnaire assessment results, applying Materiality Rating, Accountability Rating, Country Risk Rating, Industry Risk Rating, and Media Watch Rating. The total of Environmental, Social, and Governance Aspect Scores is the Company Overall Score.


For details of the update, please refer to the HKQAA-HSIL Sustainability Rating and Research Scoring Handbook Revision 4.0 available for download in the eligible company’s account at this dedicated platform.


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