Funded by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF), Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) held an Online Conference on "Beyond Community Development, How Social Capital Impacts Your ESG Performance Online Conference" on 3 September. Professionals from different sectors shared with more than 200 participants in the conference and discussed how social capital could improve the ESG performance of enterprises. Click here: to review the online conference or to download the "Corporate Social Capital Implementation Guidance Document" published by HKQAA.

香港品质保证局在社区投资共享基金(CIIF)的资助下,于9月3日举行了「社会资本与提升企业ESG表现」网上会议。不同界别的专业人士在会议中与超过200位参加者,分享并探讨社会资本如何提升企业的ESG表现。立即登入 重温是次会议或 参考香港品质保证局编制的《企业社会资本实践指导文件》。