To correspond with the 2018-19 Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series Review, HKQAA is pleased to offer a range of report products to all assessed companies to gain a better understanding of their sustainability performance. By subscribing to our package, you may obtain:


1. An HKQAA Sustainability Performance Report. The report includes scores and detailed analysis of the sustainability performance with regard to each core subject and practice and management system demonstrated in your reported data.

1. 香港品质保证局可持续发展绩效报告:报告包含个别核心指标和其实务的分数和可持续发展表现分析。

2. An HKQAA Sustainability Rating Seal. The right to use the Rating Seal allows your company to demonstrate a third-party endorsement and verification of your sustainability performance on media advertisement, website, or within sustainability reports and other printed matters.

2. 香港品质保证局可持续发展评级标签:公司可在公共领域(包括:媒体广告、网站、可持续发展报告或其他印刷品)内使用香港品质保证局可持续发展评级标签。

3. HKQAA Sustainability Performance Summary Report on Good Practices and Sectoral Performance Analysis. Worldwide companies good practices and sustainability performance research are shared in the report enabling you to better communicate information in your future responses and improve your sustainability performance; sectoral quantitative performance analysis is also provided.

3. 香港品质保证局可持续发展绩效良好做法及指定行业表现分析总结报告:报告分享國際公司的良好做法及企业可持续发展表现,让公司可以了解自己的可持续发展表现,并持续改善;同时提供指定行业的可持续发展表现分析数据。

4. HKQAA Sustainability Data. Rating & Scores at overall and subject levels of the assessed stocks nominated by you will be provided for reference.

4. 香港品质保证局可持续发展数据:香港品质保证局会提供指定合资格股份之可持续发展整体评级和分数,以及其个别核心指标得分以供参。

The subscription process 订阅过程

Step 1: Submission of Order Form 1步:提交订购表格

A subscribing company should fill in the Order Form provided below with authorized signature and company chop.


Step 2: Confirmation of subscription 2步:认购确认

Confirming the eligibility of the company, HKQAA will issue invoice for payment and communicate with the company’s representative regarding the details of the deliverables.


Step 3: Delivery of the report and rating seal 3步:交付报告和评级标签

The Individual Performance Report, Rating Seal with related guidelines, and Sustainability Data will be uploaded to the company’s dedicated account on the platform within the agreed lead time. The company will be notified by email when the items are ready for downloading.


Sample of the rating seal is shown below for reference 评级标签样本如下所示,以供参考: